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ALLOTMENTS NOW BEING MADE AVAILABLE TO THE RESIDENTS OF SWANAGE: At the Parish Council meeting of the 8th January the following resolution was unanimously passed:

"Whereas priority will always go to residents of Langton Matravers, Worth and Harman’s Cross, owing to an historic shortfall of allotment holders in Langton, this Council intends to invite applications for allotment tenancies from residents of Swanage."

ALLOTMENTS AVAILABLE NOW: If you would like an allotment then the Council has some half plots available now. Email or contact the Clerk using the details below

For more information on the allotments including a photo gallery follow the Allotment Information link.


The Parish Council, at the December meeting, have agreed to change the Allotment Tenancy Agreement and introduce an associated Allotment Policy. Before adopting these new documents it was decided that the current Allotment Tenants would be consulted and are therefore invited to read these documents on-line and make any comments to Mary Sparks (The Clerk) using her contact details below.

Click here for the Proposed New Tenancy Agreement

Click here for the Proposed New Allotment Policy Document

Click to display full document


The Dorset Waste Partnership are trying to reduce their costs, and options include either shutting household recycling centres completely, for part of the week, or charging for their use. They have launched a consultation, with a questionnaire which can be filled in online at, or hard copies are available in the Parish Office. The consultation period ends on 13th February – please join the Council in expressing your concern about the Swanage Recycling Centre's possible closure.

Men at Work


The Parish Council is very pleased to state that the long awaited footpath widening for the very narrow footpath at the bend of Steppes Hill has now been completed. The Parish Council would like to thank the owners of Steppes Hill House for allowing Dorset County Council to carry out these long awaited improvements.

The Parish Council has campaigned for these and other improvements for many years and is hopeful that the narrow pavement running down the High Street from Crack Lane to Putlake will also be widened in the near future.

Knitson Fingerpost


With support from the Parish Council and neighbours Nick and Helen O’Connor, and using wood donated by Fiona and Edward Wake-Walker, Bruno and Rebecca Charron have just finished a wonderful job in rebuilding and restoring the Knitson fingerpost to its former glory. Lee Smith of Purbeck Weld also helped. Do go round that way and have a look!

Click here to display a full length picture of the Fingerpost with Peter White (Chairman of the Parish), Mary Sparks (The Parish Clerk) and Rebecca Charron.

Mr Senior's Complaint

COMPLAINTS AGAINT THE PARISH COUNCIL MADE BY MR. DAVID SENIOR ON THE 8th and 12th AUGUST 2014: The Parish Council have been asked and have agreed to publish their responses to the three complaints made by the parishioner Mr. David Senior in his letters dated the 8th and 12th August 2014.

Complaint 1: Proper process and procedures were not followed in supporting Spyway Orchard Rural Exception Site status.

Complaint 2: The proposal TWA/2014/0118 as submitted by the applicant differed from that discussed at the Parish Council Meeting.

Complaint 3: Councillor Mike Lovell failed to advise the LMPC on PDC Policy and Guidelines.

The Parish Council's response consist of two documents (both in .pdf format):- Document 1 is a Chronological Context for the decision of the Parish Council to support the 'consideration' of Spyway Orchard as a Rural Exception Site (RES) for mixed housing, including work done by the Council in looking at other sites for consideration as RESs. Open Document 1

Document 2 consists of Point-by-point response/comments on points made by Mr. Senior in his letters of complaint.. Open Document 2

Click to display full report

HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY - REPORT NOW AVAILABLE: The report from the Housing Needs Survey for Langton Matravers is now available for viewing and was formally adopted by the Parish Council at the January meeting.

Quick overview:
Number of forms returned: 176 of 518 households sent a survey (34%)
Of the households responding 145 of the 176 (82%) are in favour of increasing the provision of local affordable housing with 19 (11%) not in favour and 12 (7%) who did not state if they were in favour or not.

After the allocation of the new affordable housing at Nine Barrow View there are still 27 households, with a Langton connection, waiting on Purbeck's Housing register, and an additional 10 households, with a Langton connection, who meet the District Council's criterion to join. The stated property requirements for the 27 on the register are 17x1 bedroom, 9x2 bedroom and 1x4 bedroom.

The complete survey results can be viewed here Langton Housing Needs Survey Report

Click to display full document

PARTIAL REVIEW OF THE PURBECK LOCAL PLAN:Purbeck District Council requested that all Parish Councils provide input to their partial review of the Purbeck local plan. This review was to explore the potential for higher housing growth as well as the review of the following areas: Settlement Boundaries, green belt, potential employment sites, open spaces and recreation areas. The Parish Council's input to this review was agreed at the 12th December Council meeting and can be viewed here LMPC Input to PDC Partial Review

Village Hall

NEXT MEETING: For the date, time, agenda, draft minutes and planning information for the next Parish Council Meeting, which always takes place in the Village Hall, usually on the second Thursday of every month please follow the Next Meeting Information link.

All are welcome to attend the Parish Council meetings.

MINUTES and AGENDAS of PREVIOUS MEETINGS can be accessed by following the Previous Meetings link.

Dancing Ledge


The notes of the Dancing Ledge Working Group Meeting from the 6th January 2015 can be viewed here Working Group Notes.

The draft Commercial Users Working Agreement can also be viewed here Commercial Uers Working Agreement

Parish Office

Mary Sparks
The Parish Council Office (ONLY Open to the Public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 10:30am).
1A The High Street
Langton Matravers
Dorset BH19 3EU
Tel: 01929 425100

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